Cornwell-002Rosemary, Mr. Cornwell’s youngest daughter, fell in love with a gentleman who was not her father’s first choice. Forbidden to see each other romantically, Bob and Rosemary developed the code 123 (I love you) to express their feelings to one another. Eventually, they ran away and wed. When the marriage was revealed several months later, Mr. Cornwell realized that he had a daughter and son-in-law who were passionate about each other and the farm business that he began thirty years earlier. The 123 code is still used by all members of the families, and we trust will be used for many years to come.

The third generation has many traditions that are important to carry on, such as keeping the land, family birthday parties, and enjoying each others company. But as the name of the business changed from The Tobacco River Ranch to the W. C. Cornwell Ranch, the business changed from a cattle rest station, to a dairy business, back to a cattle brokerage, and now a cow calf operation. Change is an important part of sustainability.  family1

It is apparent that being a landed generation carries responsibilities less prevalent these days because our culture has moved from an agribusiness society to a consumer society. We as families and owners value land stewardship, wildlife management, and respect for tradition; it is a privilege to carry on this opportunity for our families. The roots and traditions go deep. As a family we understand that stewardship of the land truly does provide growth through agriculture; we value these opportunities going forward.

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