equesbigOne aspect that has remained consistent in the development of the Cornwell Ranch is horses. In the early days, they were the reliable transportation and beast of burden; today they are still reliable transportation as well as helpers with the cattle and recreation.

Our grandfather enjoyed riding with the cattle through the many wooded acres. He also treasured the companionship of his many friends as they accompanied him on rides through the pastures. For some reason, being on a horse frees you to enjoy nature more. Maybe it is the nature of how a horse moves through the fields, or maybe it is the aroma of sweet hay, apple blossoms and lilacs.

Regardless, all three generations of our families enjoy and appreciate horses and their value to the work. They also continue to learn what our grandfather already knew; horses are an integral part of the ranch. As the auto, trucks, and recreation vehicles became more popular and useful, the horse became more important for recreation. Still helpful with the cattle, the horse is now used for equestrian skill development.equestrian3

Of course racing is an old and popular sport, but there are many other activities for both horse and rider to enjoy. Currently, the ranch is host to a foxhunt club and the Metamora Hunt Club, which further establish the horse into the fabric of our farm. As the cities take land for growth of business and population, activities such as hunting, fishing, and sporting activities move to more remote areas.

This migration will change the character of ranches. As the pictures indicate, equestrian activities provide a unique glimpse into our history. We plan for fox hunts, cattle round ups, casual rides through the woods, and fields where horses peacefully graze to be a part of the ranch for a long time.

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