IMG_1202The farm has several miles of creek and stream that runs through various sections of land. Brennen Lake, on Rogers Road, also provides for many hours of serene bluegill and bass fishing. The creeks and streams have been protected; they now produce an ideal environment for the fish and fisherman. Brook and Brown Trout are the fish of choice, and worms or flies are the food of choice. The atmosphere is similar to the film “River Runs Through It”. The streams, creeks, and lakes provide family and guests countless hours of exploring nature’s beauty produced by her sights, sounds, and smells.

Fishing in this area has not become a big sport, nor are its wonders known by many people. The Ranch has protected the streams and works to keep the natural beauty. The streams also are very important to the operation because they provide much needed water for the livestock, sport, and beautiful scenery.

The North Branch of the Tobacco River , Clear Creek, and Spike Horn Creek all pass through the Ranch property. These tributaries equate to eight to ten miles of fishing stream which are accompanied by two small lakes. One, Lower Brennen, and the streams are good fishing if you like bass and trout.

Fly fishing and still fishing from a boat will provide enough food for your meals, and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy many hours of pleasurable walks through the wild. Cool, clear water is the song title that captures the essence of this experience. In the early 1900s, Will Cornwell built a dam and powerhouse on the North Branch of the Tobacco River to supply reliable power to the ranch operation and homes that housed the farm hands. This power plant provided the needed electricity to run the business until 1954 when a violent spring rainstorm took the dam out; it was not rebuilt. 

The streams, woods, pasturelands, and wetlands on the Cornwell Ranch provide a second segment of business for the corporation. While cattle are the primary business focus, the large contiguous landmass that provides sporting opportunities is increasingly important.

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