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IMG_1785The Cornwell Ranch is a family owned corporation that is in the third generation of management. Three families are involved in carrying on the traditions of our grandfather William Clair Cornwell.

Will, as he was called, took over his father’s meat packing businesses in Saginaw, Michigan at a very early age. After splitting from other family members, Will expanded the beef and other household staples distribution business from his Saginaw distribution center.

Swift of Chicago provided a center product line for Grandfather Cornwell. As a young businessman of the late 1800s and early 1900s, he experienced stress and pressure just as people do today. His doctors advised him to find a place where he could relax. A man of vision, Will saw that his need for rest was similar to the needs of delivery horses and cattle.

So, he began to accumulate property in Clare County, approximately 70 miles north west of Saginaw. History tells that Will and Maude housed hundreds of cattle and horses. They also hosted many friends who came to visit and be entertained. As the pictures show, Will and Maude had a place to relax, enjoy the family, and grow the business. The Tobacco River Ranch became the W.C. Cornwell Ranch of today. cattle2

The Ranch is now a cow calf operation that supplies cattle to the feeder market. The Ranch is smaller yes, but just as beautiful. A note left by one visitor captures the farm and its beauty so well: ”This is the most beautiful hideaway I’ve seen. I think it jumped from a dream.”

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